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From: Neal Down
Subject: Horniest Catch - Part 5The following is purely a work of fiction. All characters depicted are 18
years of age and above, and any resemblance to a real person is purely a
coincidence. If you are offended by sexually explicit material or
situations, or if you live in a place where reading such material is
illegal, discontinue reading immediately, and think about moving to a place
that values personal freedom. Please do not reprint without my approval.All Rights Reserved.This is a work of fiction. In the real world, there's a deadly virus
called HIV. It can be contracted through unprotected sex. These
characters are not real, but you are, so please protect yourself with
condoms.Please feel free to Lolita Pay Sites e-mail with any feedback or
criticism. Reader's e mails are the writer's fuel. Thanks to all those
readers who have e-mailed me already, and for my other readers, if you like
the story, please let me know.Horniest Lolita Pay Sites Catch -- Part 5I made sure to get to the boat fifteen minutes early, but to my surprise,
there was already a lot of activity on the deck of the Gloria Dei. Luke
Matthews was Lolita Pay Sites up on the deck, directing two other guys. I saw Mr. Matthews
in the wheelhouse, holding a giant coffee mug and staring intently at a
clipboard. A junky old car pulled up to the dock right after I got there,
and a big, muscular, darker skinned guy jumped out of the driver's side. A
very well built blonde woman got out of the passenger side, and they met in
front of the car. The man lifted her off the ground like a feather,
hugging her tightly as they kissed, one of his hands cupping her ample
"Manny, you horn dog, get your ass on this boat," Luke yelled playfully.
The couple untangled, and Manny patted the girl's ass as she got into the
car to drive away. "You got that right, boss. I hit that three times last
night and twice this morning," Manny yelled back, a big smile on his face.
He brushed past me and jumped onto the boat, and I followed. Manny went up
to Luke and they shoot hands, and the man greeted the two other men, the
first one warmly, and the second warily. Luke then pointed to me and said
loudly "Men, this is the new greenhorn, Chris. Greenhorn, this is Manny,
Brandon, and Smitty." I shook hands with Manny and then Smitty. He looked
to be in his mid-30s, and clasped his left hand over my right as we shook,
pulling me into him. "Listen, boy, this is my twentieth summer on a boat,
and I'm gonna tell you what was told to me the first time I stepped foot on
a boat deck. If a greenhorn keeps his head down, tries his hardest, and
does what he's told to do, he can survive out here."
I greeted the shaggy haired guy who was wrestling with some
netting. "Greenhorn, this surfer boy Lolita Pay Sites
here is my cousin Brandon. The only
thing he's going to be surfing Lolita Pay Sites
with this summer is a bunch of netting,"
Luke said as he laughed. Brandon jumped down to us and gave me one of
those thumb wrapping surfer handshakes. "Good to be working with you
dude," he said with a big smile. Luke grabbed my bag and showed me to our
quarters. "You got the bottom bunk, sissy," Luke said as he pointed to the
small, cramped space in the crew room. "You can store your gear right in
here and change into your shit," Luke instructed as he pointed to some gear
laid out on the bed for me. As I stripped down to change, Luke whistled as
he saw my briefs-clad behind. "Wow, Chrissy, my boy Brad did a fucking
number on your ass, huh?" I turned, looking startled. "You know about
that?" I said softly. Luke snickered. "Brad called me right after you
left his place, telling me how he used your faggot ass for like three
hours. I'm surprised you can walk this morning. How many times did he fuck
you, pussy?" I put my head down and mumbled "Three, Sir. He had me
handcuffed and was banging me so long and so hard I thought I was going to
Luke chuckled. "Let me guess, he had you look at all his trophies and shit.
Then he handcuffed you before you could notice, beat your ass hard with his
belt, and threatened to shove the nightstick up your ass unless you put out
right?" My face reddened again. "He told you everything?" I whispered.
"Nah fag, I know his M.O. He did the same thing to Billy Peterson two
years ago when we were hanging out." Billy Peterson is a sophomore at our
school, a small, cute, wiry guy, also on the wrestling team. "Billy
Peterson got bitched out by you guys? I asked, surprised. "It was Brad's
idea. I never allowed him to feast on my cock at the beginning, but
watching how much Brad got off on using that bitch got me horny, so I tried
it. Get to business, fag." Luke unzipped his trousers, and stood there
with his arms crossed. Still clad in just a tee shirt and my briefs, I
slunk to my knees and took his big cock out. It was almost fully hard, and
Luke quickly grabbed the back of my head and began ramming his cock down my
throat viciously. Luke obviously was trying to get his nut quickly, and he
positioned me so I was sitting on the floor with my head was resting on the
mattress and wooden rail of the Lolita Pay Sites lower bunk. He stood over me and sodomized
my throat roughly, quickly shooting a half dozen spurts of cum right down
my gullet. After resting on top of me for a few moments, Luke pulled his
softening cock out of my mouth and motioned for me to bend over the lower
bunk, ass in the air. He pulled my tee shirt up and pulled down my briefs,
and leaned right on top of me. "You feel my big dick, faggot. This is the
number one cock on this motherfucking boat, faggot. Don't forget
it. Ever." He got off me, and slapped my butt hard. Luke reached into his
locker, and I felt something cold and wet on my right butt cheek.
"Get dressed and get on deck, boy. We've got work to do," Luke ordered as
he left the cabin. I stood and looked at my butt from behind. Luke wrote
`Boat Bitch' on my ass in magic marker. I went to wipe it off, but thought
better of it. I quickly dressed and headed on deck, where Mr. Matthews was
gathering the crew for instructions before heading to sea. The crew
gathered around our captain, who welcomed everyone and set down the ground
rules for the trip. "Men, welcome to the Gloria Dei. I expect us to have
a very productive and profitable trip, but to do that I will need your best
effort out here. There are two rules on this boat, and anyone who breaks a
rule even once will be put off it. One, obey your captain and chain of
command. For my crew, my son Luke Lolita Pay Sites is in charge after me. I know he's
young, but he's grown up on the sea, and I have full faith and confidence
in him. If you can't handle that he's only eighteen and in charge of my
crew, the dock's right there. He was the Crew Boss last summer and we had
our most profitable season ever. Smitty's our engineer and second Crew
Boss. Smitty's the boss when it comes to all things mechanical, and in
charge of the crew after Luke. For Brandon and Manny, it's your third and
fourth year on my boat, and I expect you usual great effort and attitude.
We have a new Lolita Pay Sites man on the crew this season, Chris. It's not easy to be
bottom man on a crew out here, Chris, and I like my crew to test a
greenhorn from the start. If you can't handle everything out here, I'll
put you off the first chance I get."
I nodded and Mr. Matthews smiled. "Let's do some fishing!" he yelled, and
everyone cheered. The meeting broke up and the crew went to their assigned
tasks as Mr Matthews went back to the wheelhouse to guide us out of the
harbor. I was assigned to the Bait Box, the lousiest job on the boat,
preparing the bait. It involved bending over into a big wooden bin and
pulling out smelly fish, which I had to stuff into netted bags and tie off
at the top. After about three hours of this grunt work, I longed for the
good old days of schlepping trays of food to tourist families in my old
waiter job. The monotony was broken by Manny's deep voice. "Hey, stupid,
tie those bags off like this," he said as he showed me how to do it
better. "Working the Bait Box sucks big cock, doesn't it?" I wiped my brow
and agreed, nodding my head. "So you like it," he said, laughing good
naturedly as he grabbed the waistband of my trousers on the back and pulled
down. "Luke wasn't kidding. Boat Bitch, huh. I guess I'll find out about
that tonight," Manny said as he grabbed my hand and thrust it onto his
crotch. He slid my hand halfway down his thigh, and I still could feel
cock. "After a hard day on the boat, my big Portuguese foot long chorizo
likes nothing better than to relax in a bitch's throat or sweet ass," Manny
said as he patted my ass. "My girl says I know two things -- fishing and
fucking. I guess you'll find out later, greenhorn."
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